What We Believe

Hi, all you hip foodsters. I have found in the Hip Foods office something I think is important for more people to see. It is a statement of the vision and values of Hip Foods founder, Cyfrin. It really opened my eyes to what she is trying to accomplish in this multi-faceted enterprise. She has a big heart and big plans. (I will post more about those innovative, paradigm-shifting plans later.) Thanks to all of you. — Rod


  • What I believe:
  • That our life belongs to us
  • That we have the right to clean air, clean water and clean food
  • That greed is a disease
  • That we have a need to live in tribes in order to be safe and feel connected
  • That our feelings are more important for the welfare of people than are our intellects
  • That those with less capacity to take care of themselves should be cared for
  • That no one fakes having less capacity
  • That every child should be protected, coddled and nourished
  • That when things seem hard it is best to stand still
  • That each person should take care of themselves before trying to take care of others
  • That each person should always be on a journey of growth into the fullest ‘self’ they can be
  • That the individual should pursue those things that interest them; that boring life situations should be eschewed at all cost
  • That children should be provided with an education driven by their individual interests, that they should not be constrained to languish in boredom, for it disenfranchises all of humanity to waste the creative potential of the young
  • That we are each born with innate qualities that were fostered before we were born on this planet
  • That our ability to ‘think our way to change’ is far more powerful than anyone yet realizes
  • That no human to date has reached his or her full potential
  • Given the capabilities of globalized commerce, it is an absolute injustice to have children starving while adults live in mansions and corporations in sky scrapers
  • Tinkering with biologic genomes has impoverished billions
  • One hundred years ago most Americans still ate food grown from the family garden, but now very few people know how to grow food
  • Food is the backbone of our humanity; we feed our babies with our breast-milk, daily we gather with friends and family to share sustenance, our holidays are celebrated with feasting, and our very existence is dependent upon it
  • Nearly everyone who is overweight is malnourished
  • People no longer know how to feed themselves
  • Everyone should have access to grow their own food if they want to
  • Poverty quarantines those with less, walling them off to live in isolation
  • Most are lost, languishing as they hide from their lives, using the tranquilizers of TV, internet porn, drugs and alcohol to escape their excruciating existence
  • We each have a responsibility to help someone with less capacity than we have
  • We need to leave behind the warm blanket of complacency, get up and fight for our inalienable rights
  • Food is a tool of protest; as you vote with your dollars, so shall the world shift
  • Every time you stand peacefully in the sun, chose nutritious food and laugh, you are contributing to the greater good
  • I have a dream that my great, great grandchildren will live in a world where there are no malnourished children
  • I have a dream that the segregation of people according to their means becomes one day a thing only known in textbooks of history
  • We will together generate hope for the future