What the Primal Health Program Did For Rod.


I thought I was on the way down to the infirmity of old age, but I was wrong. I have been transformed.

It has been six months since Cyfrin introduced me to her ‘Imagine Health’ primal program of paleo food, functional nutrition, supplementation supported by emerging science, positive thought habits and enhanced active lifestyle. I said ‘why the heck not’, and have since followed her regimen faithfully. I am very glad I did.

I am arguably biologically younger. I am certainly fitter. I might even be smarter.

The change most obvious to the observer is that I weigh a lot less than six months ago. Over the first three months I slimmed down from an all-time high of 222 pounds and stabilized at something like 195 where I have remained since.

I can run again. What was lung-searing, blood-pressure-raising, heavy-footed drudgery has been replaced by a light-footed fleetness. Though I mostly sprint, I have tried running for long distances and can. I am pretty sure I could outrun a wooly mammoth if I had to.

I can jump. I can, from a flat footed stance, leap up on a dining room table or kitchen counter. It startles people and pleases me immensely.

My stomach has healed. Four years ago I was diagnosed with Barrett’s Esophagus, the pre-cancerous result of years of GERD – gastro esophageal reflux. I was put on Prilosec/Omeprazole for life. ‘Don’t worry’, I was told, ‘there are no side effects’. Cyfrin was livid. ‘No side effects, my rosy butt’, she fumed. And she took me off it. I had tried to wean myself off before, but GERD always came back stronger than before. It took Cyfrin less than two weeks, and GERD was gone. Totally gone. I have not had reflux in five months. I threw out all the Prilosec.

We are working our way through the list of things that I could no longer eat because they irritated my stomach or created ‘allergic’ symptoms. A little black pepper in a restaurant meal used to blow me up till I looked pregnant and the consequent GERD would last for a very uncomfortable day. Last week I ate an intensely black pepper-saturated meal of Cyfrin’s Southern Fried chicken and nothing happened. Nothing. Nothing at all. Next, we will be rehabilitating my ability to once again eat chocolate, which I have had to go without for six years. Then on to the rest of the forbidden foods.

  • My immune system seems to be working better. I have not had a cold or flu or any overt sign of sickness in the six months, which includes ‘cold and flu’ season. I have had no cold sores. For 25 years I have had small fluid-filled sores on the bottom of my foot, which would break open and scab and itch and irritate and sometimes get infected. They are now gone.
  • I sleep better. Not perfectly, but a lot better. Longer hours, deeper sleep. Sleep apnea had developed over the last year or two, and the lack of sleep it caused made me stupid and contributed to some bad life decisions. It is gone.
  • I have more energy through the course of each day. I seldom nap anymore, though I darn well will if I want to.
  • I think more clearly. I remember more. Sleep has a lot to do with this.
  • I have far fewer and less severe headaches.
  • I have ridiculous sex drive again. I have much more potent sexual capabilities. Men of my age aren’t supposed to have these powers. What can I say? It’s very nice.
  • Seasonal affective disorder was very much less strong this winter; I had only two very brief episodes during the darkest, coldest depths of January, and they lasted only hours rather than days or weeks.

Nutrition has a lot to do with how we are able to deal with stress and injustice.

Cyfrin’s methodology of personal empowerment has had an effect on me. This person has learned some profoundly important life lessons. She doesn’t claim to have the answers, but she does help me ask the questions. I have a sense of being in control of my life again. A sense of contentment, peace and wellbeing.

Cyfrin says frequently: ‘this is your life, your precious, precious life’. To me, this means that I should not waste a moment of it. Not on ill health, not on worrying about and grinding away at things I cannot control, not on acquiescing to societal expectations that my physical capability will rapidly diminish with age. Not on being as miserable and unhealthy as people these days seem to accept they must be because they are ‘not teenagers anymore’ and because it is ‘normal’.

A decade or more ago I was voicing a goal to live to be 120. As life’s circumstances beat at me, however, I lost sight of the goal of enjoying a vibrant and vigorous life for as long as I could. I have regained this goal. Cyfrin studies life extension and follows emerging science closely. There is good science to support her claim that we can enjoy being biologically much younger than our immediate ancestors at the same age. I now firmly believe that, barring accident, I have a whole lot of healthy, vigorous life ahead of me.

This is indeed my precious life, and I love it. — Rod

(I will address each of these health and wellbeing improvements in detail in future blog posts, and will share the techniques, foods, supplements and regimens that make them work. Stay tuned!)