Memorial Day

Thoughts from Savor Tooth as we head into our relaxed Memorial Day weekend, with a deviation from food videos and libations. Imagine with me; owning another person. See with me; a tattered  shack in your back yard, next to the dog house, were a human lives as he waits for your command. He is not free to leave, free to eat or free to love. He is only there for your use. The phantasmagoria of shadowy days of slavery fade as we learn to live together as free people. Memorial Day was born out of the emotions of the Civil War. As the war was ending in May 1865, newly freed slaves spent two weeks digging up 257 Union soldiers who had been buried in a mass grave at a Confederate prison camp in Charleston South Carolina. Their visceral reaction to freedom compelled these citizens to give these Union solders a proper burial. When they were finished, 10,000 men, women and children joined in a parade filled with singing to honor the fallen soldiers in an event they called Decoration Day. As I head out to my bright sun-drenched weekend of fun, I am taking this moment to be grateful that together we are slowly recovering from those dark days, and that each generation finds ever more footing in a world we are pushing toward justice. This Memorial Day I give thanks to you for being part of a world that is on a journey to affirm life. Cyfrin