Kellogg, Idaho is home to the Hip Foods Designated Gluten-Free Facility. Our company was intentionally located in this town to bring jobs to the depressed local economy and improve the vitality of this fine Silver Valley community.

At Hip Foods we believe business should improve quality of life. We treat our employees like gold and dedicate our resources to improving the well-being of others. LOVE YOUR LIFE.

Our ingredients are primarily organic, along with being free from soy, potatoes, corn, fillers, stabilizers, preservatives, strange chemicals, bad stuff and GMOs. We fresh grind our ingredients and we laugh, giggle, and dance while we mix, bake, and package.

Your body will vibrate with excitement as you share the joy of our energy. You can taste our commitment to you, our employees and the communities we touch, in every bite.

Hip Foods’ Story
When Cyfrin, Hip Foods Founder and food designer, went looking for meal-prep-friendly paleo foods without grains, gluten, soy or added sugar (that didn’t taste like they were created in a lab), she did find paleo bread and gluten free tortillas. Unfortunately the bread was not so tasty. The tortillas had the texture of shoe leather and included dough enhancers that she just didn’t want to feed to her family.

As a small child growing up in poverty Cyfrin suffered hunger and malnutrition and has since been on a lifelong journey to help nourish those around her. Her food designer talent comes from two decades of cooking scratch meals for her six children, and her decade as a certified organic farmer which provided piles of fresh produce with which to experiment.

Although the market is now brimming with “healthy” and “all natural” foods, if you flip the product over and look at the ingredients, you’ll often find that the same grains and sugars have simply been replaced with rice starch and agave syrup — with many of the same negative health effects.

Cyfrin is proud to provide paleo foods that are yummy and bursting with nutrition.